Welcome To Our Homes

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Formed in
Two Keys, One Mission

To Provide a Safe Environment and a Key to Independence

Our mission is to provide a safe environment, support services, and an avenue to independence for those in a housing crisis.

We believe that all people deserve the basic necessities of life, and as part of the community we live in, we serve this purpose

More than a Shelter

The Key to New Beginnings

In April of 2015, our non-profit was formed expressly to establish and run the only unhoused center in Summerville. Working in conjunction with the Town of Summerville, our first men’s center was born, housing sixteen men. In the Summer of 2019, we opened our women’s center, which houses up to eight women. Since we opened our doors in October 2015, over 600 men and women have been served in both centers.

Our centers operate using a relationship model vs. a rapid rehousing model. We meet each guest’s individual needs and help them achieve the goals they set for themselves to establish housing independence. We have no defined timeline for staying. We offer professional and spiritual counseling, financial education, support groups, job advocacy, and more to help find permanent housing and a way back to self-sufficiency. We seek to improve lives for the long-term, not an immediate challenge. Our guests have an individualized program to “meet them where they are.” We have them live in a home-like environment and offer a bed, food, clothing, and support. All of our guests assist in the chores of maintaining the centers. They must be capable and willing to seek full-time employment.


Women can be housed in our women’s center


Men can be housed in our men’s center

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of our support is provided by the community & grants

Our Vision

a community where no one is homeless

With many people struggling through the difficulties affecting our nation today, homelessness is increasing and impacting our community. We provide essential services to those in a housing crisis. Our long-term goal is to expand our services to reach more guests across Dorchester County.


We have begun the process to purchase and build Dorchester County’s only warming/cooling center on the same land that will house our guests. Our long-term vision is just starting, and we will continue to seek community support as we support those in our community who need a hand up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, each of our guests participate in a screening and extensive intake process. All of our guests must be willing to gain full time employment while staying in the center and work toward short and long term goals to help them achieve long-term housing independence. Our guests also participate in chores around the home. We have a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol on the facility grounds. We conduct random and for-cause drug and alcohol screening on our guests. Guests who do not adhere to these rules will be asked to leave.

All of our guests must pass a SLED background check and complete an extensive intake form before joining the program. Due to the proximity of the locations to churches and schools we do not allow those with a sex offender charge to stay in the homes. We are also not equipped to take guests with a severe mental health diagnosis. Instead, we work closely with local agencies to help connect these guests with services where they can get the help they need. Once a guest has completed the intake process they must agree to the non-negotiable house rules. If a guest breaks any of these rules, they are immediately terminated from services.

We have no set timeline for our guests to stay in the homes, on average our guests stay around six months. This allows them time to achieve multiple goals that will support them on their journey towards housing independence. This also allows our guests to build relationships within the home and find support through peers.

We have a success rate of 80%, which means 80% of our guests go on to independent living, reunification with family/friends, or achieve their other goals they have set to maintain independent living.

All of our guests, unless their employment requires a special exception, must be in the homes at 8 p.m., 7 days a week. We do not allow loud gatherings and guests outside of normal office hours.

We welcome volunteers to share their God-given gifts with our guests. We have had volunteers lead book clubs, Bible studies, mentor programs, craft projects, cooking classes and more. Please contact our main office for more information about volunteering.